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Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer

Brand Name: Gatechn
Place of Origin: Hangzhou
Product Name: 0.5Nm³/h PEM Electrolyzer
The Amount of Hydrogen: 0.5Nm³/h

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Brand Name: H2Gatech

Place of Origin: Yangzhou

Product Name: 0.5Nm³/h PEM Electrolyzer

0.5Nm³/h PEM Electrolyzer
The amount of hydrogen0.5Nm³ /h
Effective area of monolithic membrane electrode98cm²
Number of membrane electrodes12
Rated current98A
Voltage range22V-30V
Energy consumption≥4.5kW • h/m³
Electrolysis efficiency78%-84%
Operating temperature40-50°C
Water side pressure0-0.5MPa
Pump flow7.2L/MIN
Radon side withstand voltage0-4Mpa
Hydrogen side working pressure0-1.5MPA
Water quality15 MΩ·cm²

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